Privacy Rights & Government Spying

LGBT: Sexual Preference & Identity

  • ❝Freedom and liberty should extend to all matters of religion, sexual orientation and gender identity...❞

    Freedom and liberty should extend to all matters of religion, sexual orientation and gender identity. Freedom can be defined as someone's ability to do whatever they wish as long as they do not infringe on the rights of others. Government should not be involved in the definition of marriage. I believe people have the right to sell anything, buy anything, or join into a contract as long as there is a willing exchange between two parties and no fraud or coercion is used. No one should infringe on your private pursuit of happiness.

Health Care

Minnesotans would have better health care by allowing the free market to work across state lines; much like vehicle insurance. In addition, I think people should have the choice on the amount of insurance and what is covered rather than by force or government mandate.

People should not be forced to buy anything through force or taxation. I believe if someone requires medical attention and cannot pay for what they receive, a payment plan should be set up with the provider.

Farming & GMO Concerns

I believe removing government subsidies from all farmers will reduce the cost of living for all Minnesotans, stop distorting the market, and allow the free market to decide who will profit. In addition, I fully support the removal of regulatory burdens and restrictions on organic farms and family farms.

Labeling of GMO products allows for informed customers and allows the free market to decide what consumers want to support.

Minimum Wage

Workforce participation rates have been slipping and youth unemployment is becoming a bigger issue which greatly concerns me. Government should realistically focus more on lowering unemployment than raising the minimum wage.

Most jobs people acquire early on are often lower-paying. By raising the minimum wage, the unintended consequences as evidence in a Washington State survey*, means jobs go elsewhere. If we steal the opportunities from our youth, what awaits them?

*Important Statistical Links:
Minimum Wage Responses, New Survey: Seattles Misstep

Decriminalization of Victimless Offenses

  • ❝I believe laws against various vices and non-violent crimes overburden our prison system...❞

    I believe laws against various vices and non-violent crimes overburden our prison system. The focus of our criminal system resources should NOT be spent on victimless crimes. Instead our criminal justice system should focus their attention on violent offenses such as assault, murder and rape. The aim is to safeguard our society. Stricter punishments are needed for violent sex offenders, rapists, and pedophiles and a more conservative approach should be taken with rehabilitation and release of high-risk offenders.

Law Enforcement & Accountability

  • ❝Police officers are not above the law and they should be spending more time protecting us...❞

    Racial profiling is discrimination. Police officers are not above the law and they should be spending more time protecting us from force and fraud instead of speeding tickets, non-violent crimes, and parking violations. We should not be looking at police as a source of revenue for our city/county/state but as protectors of our natural civil rights. Infringement of our rights by officers should trigger intense scrutiny, Citizens should not have to rely on YouTube public shaming for departments to do the right thing.

Children & Childcare

Only parents should have the right to decide how their children are raised and educated. Parents should have to opt into immunizations, rather then opt out like currently required. The choices regarding mental health and well being should remain the parents responsibility. DNA collection from children should only be completed after consent of the parents.

Childcare providers are small business owners and should be protected by law from forced government involvement. I believe the state should not unionize childcare providers against their will.

Public Education

I believe parents and local school boards have the right to decide what is taught in school. In accordance, all government funding should follow the children and parents should decide where their children go to school.

Teachers should also be paid based on their evaluations by peers, students, parents, and school boards—playing by the same rules as the private sector.

Rising Cost of College

Government subsidized college tuition raises the price of college for all students. The cost of college, about thirty years ago, was easily balanced out by a part-time income for many. Today's youth cannot, for the most part, pay their college loan debt within five years of completion. A growing number of graduates can not repay their loans within ten or twenty years.

I also believe the free market should dictate loan interest rates. Because of the lack of student loan rate competition many students are being forced into high interest loans.

Public-Private Partnerships

  • ❝No one in office, whether local or federal, should have any right to choose winners and losers...❞

    Big business and government should not be partners. No one in office, whether local or federal, should have any right to choose winners and losers in the economy with tax breaks, subsidies or loopholes. When failing to heed such actions, government bails out companies such as General Motors, or waste millions on bankrupt capital ventures like Solyndra. In addition, I believe private businesses should pay for their own buildings instead of taking tax money from unfunded schools and unfunded police pensions. Bottom line, the consumers are best suited to spend their money and choose who will succeed and profit. You, me, your neighbor, the community, everyone.

Responsible Government Spending

  •  ❝Tax money is the people’s money. It should be used efficiently for the benefit of the people...❞

    Why are we funding stadiums when we should be focused on fixing our roads and potholes? Why is our state infrastructure not paramount? How much did we spend on the MNSure website when so many had to resort to faxing in applications? Giving our tax money to profitable companies or offering tax loopholes for the rich at the expense of the poor makes no fiscal sense. Tax money is the people’s money. It should be used efficiently for the benefit of the people, not as a kickback to special interests or to a select few.

Government’s Role in Society

I believe government’s role is to protect the American people's life, liberty, and property from force and theft. Government also has the comparative advantage when it can provide goods and it simultaneously makes them available to all. Good examples of this would be: national defense, disease, flood prevention, and mosquito control.

Government should legislate at the lowest possible level. This will allow those most affected to have the greatest influence over their representatives and laws concerning them.

Wars & Declarations of War

I believe Minnesota military units should not be sent overseas without a war declaration. American troops should not be used to assist in nation building in foreign countries, nor should America meddle in other countries' politics.

No president, Republican or Democrat, has the right to send Americans to die overseas. Furthermore, undeclared wars make America the bully of the world and lead us to be hated by many people. War should be defensive. Tracking down and destroying anyone who attacks the United States of America or it's citizens should be the only function of American military power.

Unions: Public & Private

Small Business & Entrepreneurship

  •  ❝Companies should have the option to opt out of government regulations...❞

    Government should not dictate the days or hours a business is open or closed. Furthermore it should not make regulations that restrict business startups and entrepeneurs from getting off the ground. I believe private businesses and the free market should be able to choose if people can smoke tobacco, e-cigarettes, or drink alcohol in private establishments.

    No local, federal or state power has the right to unionize anyone against their will. In addition, daycare workers are small business owners and should be protected from forced unionization. Companies should have the option to opt out of government regulations if the business stamps “UNREGULATED” on their goods. This will allow the free market and individuals to choose if they want to pay for the regulated or unregulated products.

Immigration Laws

I believe legal immigration makes this country strong and legal immigration should be quick and efficient.

We should spend less money on foreign aid and more money on our border security. I believe illegal immigration makes America vulnerable to those who wish to do America harm.

Rent & Government Housing

Rent control removes private property rights by not allowing owners to achieve fair market value. Rent control also limits the amount of rental properties due to the lack of incentives for investors to build new units. The fixed pricing also reduces the standards, of available properties, because the property owners can not afford to keep up the properties.


Welfare should be used as a safety net and not as a lifestyle. Minnesota welfare should not be higher than the average of the surrounding states.

Welfare money should be tracked per person, cannot be transferred, and can only be spent on wholesome and healthy foods, energy, and water. Someone moving into Minnesota should not receive welfare for one year. Out-of-state felons should not receive welfare from Minnesota.

Protection of Property Rights

2nd Amendment & Constitutional Militias

  •  ❝I believe violent crimes with firearms should have severe consequences...❞

    I believe violent crimes with firearms should have severe consequences. Firearm ownership should not be infringed, as the founding fathers intended. What I believe the Founding Fathers intended with the Second Amendment intended was for access to a source of self defense, national security, and protection of liberty.class="issueFinished"> ⎈

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